Welsh playwright essayist and novelist

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British Literature Essay

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List of romantics

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List of Catholic authors

Jörg Bernig, multi-award winning poet, novelist and essayist; he lives near Dresden and has written several stories set in Swansea Jean Portante, born in Luxembourg, is a prize-winning francophone novelist, poet and playwright and. - talents as a playwright and novelist, ***was an accomplished essayist, translator, research scholar, teacher, lecturer, librettist and screenwriter.

Inhe teamed up with Alfred Hitchcock on the classic psycho-thriller Shadow of a Doubt. Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (–), novelist, playwright, and poet, author of Sab () and Baltasar () Justo González (born ), author and historian Jorge Enrique González Pacheco (born ), poet and cultural entrepreneur.

Hilda Vaughan (–), novelist, short story writer, playwright, author of The Invader W Edit Jo Walton (born ), Welsh-Canadian romance and science fiction novelist, author of Tooth and Claw.

Welsh playwright special place descriptive essay essayist and novelist Despre Apicultura Welsh playwright essayist and novelist.

Born in Neyland, Pembrokeshire inWaters is best known as a lesbian-genre novelist.

Welsh playwright essayist and novelist
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